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MIRROR is now lululemon Studio: Hybrid Fitness with the Ultimate Home Gym Experience

MIRROR is now lululemon Studio: Hybrid Fitness with the Ultimate Home Gym Experience The time has come. MIRROR from lululemon, the high-tech smart home gym that fitness enthusiasts use for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), bodyweight workouts, yoga, and more from the comfort of their homes, is now lululemon Studio. lululemon Studio takes original classes and […]

Author:Phil Blechman
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new Garmin Instinct Crossover

new Garmin Instinct Crossover   FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission new Garmin Instinct Crossover Just when you thought you had mastered Garmin’s insanely confusing product line up…here comes another micro product-differentiation. Welcome to the Instinct Crossover – It’s like Garmin Instinct 2 but with real analogue clock hands. Via: @Flo from Fitness Tracker […]

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My Daily Exercise Challenge And 3 Ways How It Changed My Life

Exercise. It’s one of the cornerstones of a happy and healthy life, yet most of us are failing to get enough of it. In fact, according to recent studies, only 23% of Americans get enough (daily) exercise each week. While this is very disappointing, I can’t call the kettle black. Up until a few years […]

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Author:Alex Brown
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What Are the Army Combat Fitness Test Standards for 2022?

The new army combat fitness test standards include new scoring standards, updated physical events, and require soldiers to have at least six months to practice before the test of note. While the minimum requirements remain gender-neutral, the new test includes “age-based performance results and performance based on third-party analysis…  

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VR Fitness Has to Prove It’s More Than a Video Game

Aaron Stanton has worked with many test subjects, but one in particular sticks out in his memory, encapsulating the power and the challenge of VR fitness. A few days prior, the subjects had come in to establish their peak levels of endurance: They ran on a treadmill wearing a heart rate monitor, oxygen mask, and harness […]

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The Adventure-Ready Workout

Amelia Earhart famously said, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” If, like Earhart, you crave the physical and mental test of wild, challenging and daring activities, then this adventure-ready workout is the perfect preparation. From hiking and backpacking to rock climbing and rafting, use this sequence to get in shape for any outdoor adventure…  

Author:Heather Eastman
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‘I’m a Fat Personal Trainer, and This Is the #1 Thing I Tell All My New Clients’

“I’m Tasheon, and yes I’m a fat personal trainer located in Tacoma, Washington,” Tasheon Chillous, CPT, introduces herself in an Instagram post. Somehow, there are still people who are surprised by this—which unfortunately tracks, given that society is pretty fatphobic.

Author:Allie Flinn
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Review of Apple Fitness+ (2022)

Subscription-based fitness training has grown incredibly popular. Peloton was among the first companies to implement the business model, and it has worked for them…The tech giant Apple has been trying to make a break with the fitness crowd, which is why they developed and released something called Apple Fitness Plus…

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