Spinach and Berries to Prevent Muscle Soreness

What are the effects of spinach and berries on oxidative stress, inflammation, and muscle soreness in athletes? Higher fruit and vegetable consumption was “positively associated with muscle power” in adolescents, but they aren’t the ones who really need it…

Source:Nutrition Facts
Author:Michael Greger M.D. FACLM
Image Source:Unsplash

10 Juicy Stretches To Try For A Limber Body, From Personal Trainers

Not only can stretching regularly help you feel better in the day to day, but building this habit into your routine may improve your range of motion. A new study in Journal of Physical Activity and Health even revealed that stretching for 30 minutes each day may help to support healthy blood pressure in some […]

Source:MGB Movement
Author:Merrell Readman
Image Source:MGB Movement