A Special Part of the Brain Lights Up When We See Food

A Special Part of the Brain Lights Up When We See Food   Oct. 26, 2022 – “We eat first with our eyes.”  The Roman foodie Apicius is thought to have uttered those words in the 1st century AD. Now, some 2,000 years later, scientists may be proving him right.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers […]

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Is It Possible To Get Stem Cells Injected Into Every Joint Of Your Body

Is It Possible To Get Stem Cells Injected Into Every Joint Of Your Body ( Precepts: Hubris, Candle null If So, What Happens?): The Full Body Stem Cell Makeover.   Several years ago, I traveled to Park City, Utah, where I underwent one of the most advanced, fringe biohacking procedures for longevity that, to my […]

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Importance of Hydration & Drinking Enough Water

Did you know nearly 75% of Americans are walking around chronically dehydrated? There are many factors, yet most of us are simply not drinking enough water. And what’s more, we may be drinking enough water, but our filters could be stripping it of essential minerals like magnesium….

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Top 9 Supplements For Runners

Looking for some of the best supplements for runners? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the truth. There are plenty of fitness supplements designed to help runners, from speeding up recovery to improving muscle strength and even increasing lung capacity…

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Under the Weather? These Are the 9 Types of Tea That Can Help Soothe Your Symptoms,

Anytime you’re feeling under the weather, it’s paramount that you have your go-to relaxation remedies at the ready. Whether it’s Ginger Ale (sipped through a bendy straw, obviously), cueing up “The Price Is Right” on TV, or closing your eyes under a cold compress, taking these small-but-soothing steps can be an important part of healing […]

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Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

One of the most common morning rituals of people around the globe is the habitual consumption of coffee. For some, it’s an actual process, preferring to make their own perfect cup of pour-over or fresh French press brew, while others prefer to wait in line at their local cafe and have someone else make it […]

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Decoding the Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Men and Women

Obesity has become one of the most prevalent health issues worldwide. A study suggests that the number of overweight people exceeds the number of underweight people for the first time in the history of humankind. Another global study shows that no country has reduced obesity rates in the last three decades…

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‘I’m a Fat Personal Trainer, and This Is the #1 Thing I Tell All My New Clients’

“I’m Tasheon, and yes I’m a fat personal trainer located in Tacoma, Washington,” Tasheon Chillous, CPT, introduces herself in an Instagram post. Somehow, there are still people who are surprised by this—which unfortunately tracks, given that society is pretty fatphobic.

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