Should I Stretch Before a Workout?

Stretching is important to physical fitness and health. It is an exercise that positions different parts of the body into certain positions that stretch the soft tissues and body muscles. There are different methods and techniques you can search online to help you learn how to stretch properly and reduce the risk of injury…

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10 Juicy Stretches To Try For A Limber Body, From Personal Trainers

Not only can stretching regularly help you feel better in the day to day, but building this habit into your routine may improve your range of motion. A new study in Journal of Physical Activity and Health even revealed that stretching for 30 minutes each day may help to support healthy blood pressure in some […]

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What is Functional Fitness Training? And Why Should You Do It?

You can squat more than twice your bodyweight, but can you climb the stairs to your apartment without getting overly winded? If you just hit a new bench press personal record but your shoulders aren’t mobile enough to help you reach into that tall cabinet for the fancy wine glasses, you might decide to take […]

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Stretching: How to Stretch, When to Stretch

Do any of these lines sound familiar? You have to hold a stretch to get the benefit. Don’t bounce in the stretch — you’ll tear your muscle. If you don’t stretch before a workout, you’ll hurt yourself…

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