8 Unorthodox Exercises to Force Massive Chest Growth

8 Unorthodox Exercises to Force Massive Chest Growth Looking for unique exercises that target your upper, middle and lower pecs? Check out these 8 unorthodox exercises to force massive chest growth. When it comes to the chest, one of the best exercises you can do is the bench press, and this is something a […]

Author:Robert Born

Swedish runner sets new FKT on legendary El Capitan

Swedish runner sets new FKT on legendary El Capitan   Petter Restorp joked that he’s now faster than climbers Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell, after running an FKT (fastest known time) in 1:46:59 on the Nose section of El Capitan (El Cap). Rising 2,308 metres above sea level in California’s Yosemite National Park, El Cap’s steep […]

Source:Canadian Running Magazine
Author:Keeley Milne
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new Garmin Instinct Crossover

new Garmin Instinct Crossover   FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission new Garmin Instinct Crossover Just when you thought you had mastered Garmin’s insanely confusing product line up…here comes another micro product-differentiation. Welcome to the Instinct Crossover – It’s like Garmin Instinct 2 but with real analogue clock hands. Via: @Flo from Fitness Tracker […]

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Weight-inclusive fitness posts are more likely to motivate young women to exercise

“Fitspiration” is a popular social media trend that depicts images of thin women posing in exercise clothing or engaged in fitness pursuits. Research has found that this trend, which is intended to inspire viewers to engage in health-promoting exercise, often sexualizes and objectifies women’s bodies…

Source:Medical Xpress
Author:Eva Pila and Madeline Wood
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Importance of Hydration & Drinking Enough Water

Did you know nearly 75% of Americans are walking around chronically dehydrated? There are many factors, yet most of us are simply not drinking enough water. And what’s more, we may be drinking enough water, but our filters could be stripping it of essential minerals like magnesium….

Source:Vasa Fitness
Author:Erin Lantz
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Should I Stretch Before a Workout?

Stretching is important to physical fitness and health. It is an exercise that positions different parts of the body into certain positions that stretch the soft tissues and body muscles. There are different methods and techniques you can search online to help you learn how to stretch properly and reduce the risk of injury…

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Effective Yoga Poses For PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS often occurs in women of reproductive age. It is an endocrine disorder leading to weight gain, irregular periods, excess male hormones or androgens, and stubborn acne…

Author:Shamlee Pathare
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What Are the Army Combat Fitness Test Standards for 2022?

The new army combat fitness test standards include new scoring standards, updated physical events, and require soldiers to have at least six months to practice before the test of note. While the minimum requirements remain gender-neutral, the new test includes “age-based performance results and performance based on third-party analysis…  

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VR Fitness Has to Prove It’s More Than a Video Game

Aaron Stanton has worked with many test subjects, but one in particular sticks out in his memory, encapsulating the power and the challenge of VR fitness. A few days prior, the subjects had come in to establish their peak levels of endurance: They ran on a treadmill wearing a heart rate monitor, oxygen mask, and harness […]

Source:Front Office Sports
Author:Owen Poindexter
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Presidential Physical Fitness Test: Can You Pass It Now?

If your school days are behind you, you probably remember a gym-class rite of passage: the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. For all of you folks lucky enough to avoid this public school tradition — which, thankfully, ended in 2012 — this battery of tests was given twice a year to schoolchildren…

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Author:Andrew Hefferman
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Yoga & Meditation Wellness Coach Sonya Quijada on Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Sonya Quijada served as one of the few women paratroopers of the 82d Airborne Division. She was the first female honor graduate of the Advanced Airborne Jumpmaster School, in 1989. During her 28 years of Army duty, she was a leader in the Signal Corps, and then selected by the Special Operations Command to serve […]

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Author:Namita Nayyar
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Can Athletes Drink Alcohol and Maintain an Effective Training Plan?

Consider the recent celebrations like Memorial Day weekend in the United States, the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in the United Kingdom and the Swannies putting one over the Mighty Melbourne Demons. There is a good chance someone — you? — overdid the beers, the Champagne, wine and the spirits. No harm done, you might think. It […]

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Author:Scott Tindal
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10 Juicy Stretches To Try For A Limber Body, From Personal Trainers

Not only can stretching regularly help you feel better in the day to day, but building this habit into your routine may improve your range of motion. A new study in Journal of Physical Activity and Health even revealed that stretching for 30 minutes each day may help to support healthy blood pressure in some […]

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