Discover These 8 Best Yoga Retreats Around The World

Yoga has the power to clear your mind, relax sore muscles, and even help you stay fit. As little as a single session can improve your mood for the day. So, imagine how wonderful it would be to stay at a yoga retreat where you could extend that experience for an entire week. Or even […]

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What is the real secret behind motivation?

We often talk about motivation as being a key factor in running success, and elite athletes seem to have it in spades. Any time our training falls to the wayside, we often blame a lack of motivation as the reason. So how do you stay motivated to avoid these lapses in training?…

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6 reasons all runners should wear wool

When you say the word wool, most people think about the scratchy sweater their grandma made them for Christmas — definitely not the type of material you want to be wearing when you’re going for a run…

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My Yoga Journey; from Yoga student to Yoga teacher

My Yoga Journey; from Yoga student to Yoga teacher   I started my Yoga journey aged 5 years old.  1981 – my grandmother was practicing yoga and I was mesmerised by the shapes she made with her body, I asked if I could learn the shapes too…

Author:Natasha Winder
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Should you train when you’re sick? 

In general, our approach towards sickness has always been simple: if going to the gym can get others sick, then stay away. That counts for coughs, sniffles, sore throats, fevers, and anything that isn’t general fatigue…

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Author:BJ Ward
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33 Best Types of Push Ups you Must Try

The push up is one of the most classic exercises of all time when done in its regular form. That said, push ups also have more variations than any other exercise you can do…

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